Soft Tacos


Today’s dinner was Soft Tacos.  We had 2 avocados that we bought from Marks & Spencer so we wanted to use them.  When we have ordered avocados from the on-line supermarket, they’ve always been awful, not edible at all, so I stopped ordering them.  Even when we buy them from a real supermarket, they don’t get ripe nicely, and even when they are soft they are tasteless.  The only ones we thought were OK were the ones we buy from Marks & Spencer but they don’t always have the ones that look good.  Unfortunately I let these onesie out a little too long to ripen before putting them in the fridge, so quite large parts of them were rotten, but they were so large that we were able to get enough out between the two of them to make enough guacamole for soft tacos.


Other fillings were Chilli Con Carne (that we’d frozen), tomato, lettuce, onion, cheese (for my husband), salsa & coriander leaves.  We hadn’t had this for a while and we enjoyed it very much.




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