Chorizo, Potato & Egg Hot Salad


It was another miserable day, the lowest temperature was 9C and the highest 13C.  The difference between the highest and the lowest becomes small in winter.  It looks like the temperature will go lower and lower this coming week, the lowest expected is 2C.


Today’s dinner was Hot salad of Chorizo, potato & egg.  I used to use poached eggs but I tried with fried eggs last time and it was good so I thought we’ll use fried eggs again, my husband was in charge and all 3 egg yolks happen to get broken and there was no runny egg yolk.  Runny egg yolks become a part of the dressing so without it it was a bit dry.  Maybe poached eggs are better after all – although I find poached eggs a bit of a pain to make.  The rough recipe etc is here in my previous post.



My husband had smoked salmon as a starter.




We are going to London for 3 nights from tomorrow.  Although I’m enjoying living in the countryside, I do miss going to nice restaurants.  Also we we see anything we want that is a bit special we’ll get it as a Christmas present to ourselves.  It’ll also be nice to get in the mood of Christmas seeing the Christmas decorations and illuminations.

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