Garden Update / Front Garden


I take photos of our gardens often but they change so much so quickly that when I put off photo editing and don’t blog for a few days things have changed by the time I start editing the photos…  I really should do weeding because I see a lot of large ones but it’s just too hot.  I did do some in the evening when it was cooler and got so sweaty.


It’s been just about a year since we had our front garden planted and it’s looking lovely with lots of flowers.








Comparing to last year, we are having so many rose flowers now.  They smell so lovely.  However, it is a shame that the tall bushy verbenas are hiding them.







Delphiniums are looking great, too.




The hanging baskets and the pots that we planted and pinched 3 weeks ago are showing some flowers now.




The flowers in the 2 larger pots are not like petunias, which grow fast, they don’t look very different from the time when we planted them, some old flowers go then some new ones open.


And the first dahlia flowered!  This is the first one this year and we see a lot of buds so I expect to see many more to come very soon.  We were told that they will survive the winter if we mulch them but the last winter the frost didn’t melt for many many days, so we weren’t sure if they had survived.  I don’t know for sure if they all did but most of them did as we see a lot of them getting full.



All the other alliums have faded, some had gone green, but these small blue ones in the front garden  were late flowering and we just noticed them.  I’m sure there were many more planted but there seem to be only a handful flowers of them out.  Maybe the bulbs were eaten by squirrels.



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