Cheat Dinner


It was “Rain, then sun, then rain, then sun” sort of weather today.  It looks like it’ll be unstable for a while.


We needed something yesterday for our BBQ and my husband went to Marks & Spencer’s. While there he bought one their special deal meal sets of main dish, side dish & dessert.  We’ve bought the set a few times and blogged them  – our ‘go to’ is Chicken in Forrest Sauce, Mashed Potato & Sticky Toffee Pudding.  We’ve tried a few ready made meals but this one has been the best.  However, we do add some milk in the sauce of the chicken dish before cooking it because otherwise it’s too thick and too salty.





We had 1/4 each of Sticky Toffee Pudding with ice cream.




The flowers on the dining table were delivered on Monday from the flower subscription company, but the colour contrast is much too strong for my liking – red, purple & yellow.  I don’t mind it too much of it’s mostly red with purple with just a small amount of yellow but when each colour is about the same amount as the others I don’t find it very pleasant.  Sadly, the peony season has finished.  I’ve changed the delivery from once a week to once every two weeks for now, but I may stop it soon.


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