Japan Holiday / Kiyomizu-dera (Temple)


After lunch we took a taxi again (Uber was very convenient) to Kiyomizu-dera, the driver told us that he thought it would be quicker if we get off at the main road and walked up the hill because the streets were very busy, so that’s what we did. It took us 15 or 20 minutes but there are many little shops/cafes etc along the streets so it didn’t feel very long.


I knew that more and more visitors are coming from overseas but it was really busy with foreign tourists as well as Japanese.


As it’s still very warm the leaves have only just started to turn their colours. If we can we would love to go to Kyoto again and see the autumn leaves looking a little more colourful before we leave.


I feel Kiyomizu-dera is very dramatic and impressive. I don’t normally like being in a crowd but it wasn’t too bad and the scenery was beautiful. We felt a little tired when we got back to Kobe but had a lovely day.


When we are in England, I hardly walk and my step-count is awful unless we make a point of going out ‘to walk’. Here, we aren’t going specially ‘to walk’ but just going anywhere we end up walking quite a lot so in that sense as well Japan is very good for your health, I think. Since we arrived in Japan, I’ve been walking 7,000 or 8,000 steps every day, sometimes 10,000m steps and today 12,872 steps. These numbers are probably not that much to those who walk a lot but they are quite large numbers to me as my step count is nearly zero very often (as I don’t take my iPhone everywhere inside the house). This is a good thing for me.


When you are walking, you could smell the fragrance of osmanthus. I’m told they flowered late this year but they seem to be in full bloom now.

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