Last Night’s Dinner & Today’s Lunch / Chilli Con Carne


Last night’s dinner, our first dinner at home after the Japan trip, was Chilli Con Carne.  I froze many meals for my husband to have while I was in Japan but he was away on business from Monday this week until yesterday morning and ended up not having any Chilli while I was away, so he wanted to have it yesterday.


So these are the first photos I upload to my blog taken with my new camera. Ummm, I don’t like them….  I will explain in a separate post why this is happening for those interested but the apature is set too small to my liking and they look like they were taken with a mobile phone to me.



A small amount of Chilli was left yesterday so we decided to have it for lunch today. (It’s a public holiday today in Singapore.)  I spread it on toasts, and sprinkled on a little Taco sauce and some coriander leaves.  I would have used shredded pizza cheese, which would have made them even better but we didn’t have any.  They were very good, though.



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