Quick Chermoula Chicken (with Zhoug Couscous and Veggies)


今日のディナーは、Hello Fresh の「Quick Chermoula Chicken (with Zhoug Couscous and Veggies) 」(簡単チェルムーラチキン、ゾウグ・クスクスとお野菜添え)でした。調べて見たら今回でオーダーするのは4回目、好きな1品です。(初めてオーダーしたときにソースやスパイスのことを書いていますので、詳しくはそちらをご参考に。)チキンとクスクスを混ぜるとチキンにクスクスがついて汚い感じになってしまうので、チキンはクスクスの上にのせています。クスクスにはゾウグというソースが混ぜてあり、チキンにはチェルムーラというスパイスがかかっています。他にズッキーニとシャロットが加わっています。見た目は昨日のお豆腐の炒めたものとそっくり(笑)が、とても美味しかったです、好きな味。

It was a beautiful day today, the temperature went up to 23C, quite hot when you are in the sun.  I’ll write about it later but we went out after lunch so the day has gone quickly.

Today’s dinner was “Quick Chermoula Chicken (with Zhoug Couscous and Veggies)” from Hello Fresh.  I checked with my blog and this is our 4th time to order this dish because we liked it.  (I’ve written about the sauce and the spice when we ordered this for the first time.)  We feel when you mix the chicken with the couscous it doesn’t look very nice, so we put the chicken on top of the couscous.  Also I don’t cook the couscous as instructed, I use the same amount of hot water to the amount of couscous, I find their recipe makes couscous very wet.  The couscous is mixed with Zhoug sauce and the chicken is sautéed with spice called Chermoula with shallot and zucchini.  It looks very similar to the tofu dish!  We really enjoy this one.





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