Roast Pork


We ran out of bread flour so we went to a farm shop near us by car and saw snowdrops here and there on our way.  Like I wrote the other day, we went to see a garden full of snowdrops last year but cannot do so this year.


Today’s dinner was Roast Pork – because an oven cleaning company was going to come tomorrow to clean our ovens we thought we’d do a roast before then as this makes the oven very dirty.  I do clean it quickly after every use, but roast makes it so oily and the sides are very hard to clean.  One of the ovens was filthy when we moved in already and it was always bothering me so we had an oven cleaning company come and clean it in the summer last year and they did a good job and also they kept calling us for another service so we decided to ask them again.  However, they’ve changed their schedule after all and won’t be coming until next week.  This is the 2nd time they put off the visit, I hope they will actually come next week.


You cannot successfully roast a small piece of pork so we always end up having quite a lot of left-overs, but we can have it in sandwiches tomorrow.



My husband set the table today, he does it often now.











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