Japanese Pork Stew


As in my previous post, the French Baking class was from 3:00pm until 6:30pm, so by the time I finished washing up it was 7:00pm – so we had left-overs for dinner.  There was some Japanese pork stew left so that was the main today.  As the pork was in the cooking liquid for the last few days and I simmered it again today it had absorbed the flavour more so tasted better than on the day I cooked it. but I thought it still could have had stronger seasoning and the texture, I personally found, was a little dry rather than melting as you’d expect.  The seasonings was to do with the recipe but the texture was different because pork belly cuts are different here, it doesn’t have enough fat like in Asia.  Still it was very enjoyable.


I felt we needed some vegetables so I made something similar to the side dish I learned at a zoom cooking class for a chicken dish.  At the lesson we used potato, carrot, green beans & daikon but today I used potato, carrot and broccoli.  It’s just cooked them and then coated with mustard, lemon juice & olive oil.  Although it was good I thought I liked it better before when the vegetables were cut thinner and cooked less so the slight crunch was still there.  Today I cut them thicker and cooked nearly all the way so it was quite a different dish.  It was still tasty, though.







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