Chicken Tikka Masala


I was still asleep but my husband told me that it snowed again this morning.  As the weather has been quite sunny it hasn’t been depressing but it has been very cold.  It’s the middle of April now, I hope we’ll have more real spring weather soon.


The lockdown in England has been loosened again and the non-essential places like hair salons, department stores etc opened today and pubs and restaurants are now allowed to open their outside tables.  I hear there have been a lot of long queues in front of many shops.  I went to a hair salon today and had my roots coloured, too – which is great.  However, no hair cut yet.  I go to a salon near us for having my hair coloured because I have to go often but I go to a different hairdresser a little further away for having my hair cut. This hairdresser was in London for many years and seems to be very popular, I wasn’t able to get an appointment until early May.  My hair has been around or a little lower than my shoulder length for more than 2 decades but with the lockdown it’s got much longer and doesn’t look good on me any more – I cannot wait to have it cut shorter.




Today’s dinner was Chicken Tikka Masala, using the spice set from “Tastesmiths” that I blogged before.  We used chicken thighs.  The set included 3 little sachets of spices, 1 large fresh red chilli, 3 small fresh green chillis, a piece of ginger and a few garlic cloves.  You use chillis differently depending on the spiciness you want.  We decided to go for medium and used the whole red chilli but got rid of the seeds of the green chillis.  Other than what came with the set, we used chicken, onion, tomato (you can use fresh, passata or tinned tomato, but we used passata), and yoghurt.  I guess its the mixture of the spices, but it tasted very authentic and delicious.  It was quite spicy but we enjoyed it so it was the right decision not to include the seeds of the green chillis.  The rice is Basmati rice.





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